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thevonada in vonada_box

Last Year

Title: Last Year
Author: PJ thevonada 
Date: 6 April 2009
Content: Just some thoughts
Notes: NaPoWriMo 2009: Poem 6

you gave me up last year,
dumped me on the curb
completely uncaring. unkind.
and i was alone, just me and my thoughts,
my memories.
of us.
laughing, holding hands, watching tv on my bed.
but you didn't care.
you didn't care.
and i moved on, to somebody who hurt me worse,
who left me heartbroken.
so, i guess it's no surprise that i'm still excited when i see you,
hear your voice, or dream of you.
and i wonder if you are too...
but you're not. it's obvious.
but if you are,
i'm here. alone.
and i'd like to see you again.